DART To Call Police On Open Carriers

Open Carry Texas was able to obtain an internal memo sent out to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) employees about how they will handle law abiding citizens who choose to open carry a holstered handgun.


Image from Dart.org

The memo explains the law about who can carry to employees and explains that it is legal for passengers to open or conceal carry a handgun in a belt or shoulder holster. However, the policy seems to be designed to inconvenience not only open carriers, but all passengers on a transit system on which a handgun is lawfully carried. In fact, the memo directs its drivers to stop and call police if someone with a holstered handgun boards a DART vehicle.

  1. Greet them like any other passenger.
  2. Notify Bus Dispatch/Train Control of the boarding/arrival.
  3. Follow Bus Dispatch/Train Control instructions before DART Police arrive on scene.

The Memo then says Bus Dispatch/Train Control “will immediately” contact the police and “alert them of the situation.” It goes on to say that “Police will respond,” either DART Police or City Police Departments. After police arrive, the passenger will then “be allowed to arrive” after “everything checks out.” Those passengers carrying concealed “should experience no changes, unless the handgun becomes visible.”

These rules are designed to inconvenience passengers that choose to peacefully exercise their rights to openly display a firearm in a holstered handgun. It is also designed to scare and intimidate passengers who will be on edge when the bus/train is stopped until police arrive to harass the legally armed passenger.

Open Carry Texas vehemently opposes this policy as written and considers it to be nothing more than discrimination and harassment. We will monitor the actual implementation of this policy and determine whether any legal actions need to be taken against DART and its organic Police Department.

Here are some photos of the actual policy:


16 thoughts on “DART To Call Police On Open Carriers

  1. Rick higgins

    I would advise all law abiding citizen’s who are able to, to record and document all harassment for use in the Civil lawsuits that should be filed immediately following Dart interference in legal carry. It should only take about one month to bankrupt them.

      1. OCTexas Post author

        No they don’t unless they suspect you of committing a crime. That is false and legislature made that clear in passing HB910.

  2. Aurelio

    Well, this is a good article. It sheds light on a system that is powered by the government and has the ability to be labeled as a private entity when ever convient. Numbers are eschewed. Stats forged and pawned off on other agencies to keep a fresh rap.
    Masters of the smoking mirror. Lawyers that conspire. They can just erase entire meetings and all accountability. I have the real numbers. Access to the real charges. How many people/ youth and gangbangers get caught with real guns each day. Reports lost. Not taken.
    The main reason they do this type of shady work is to keep the board content by not giving them the truth. It’s a big fight for just a few but nothing for
    Active group to directly affect change.

    There are not enough officers. Looks good on paper though.
    There is not well thought out plans and systems in place to make DART safe. The tv and a couple interviews keep that train running smooth.
    So what if open carry Texas gets a memo thrown out. It gets rewritten in nicer ink and addendums to suffice the few.

    Many good officers have left or been push out without any explaination as to why an exodus has occurred.
    Meanwhile that system is completely vulnerable in its ability to keep people safe.

    Victims of assault, rape, theft are easily forgotten
    Because the big picture is perception. Safe perception. Terrible perception.

    Law abiding citizens able to carry would deter crime. Thats been proven over and over again. No. It would take real people asking the right questions in number. Not impossible but not likely.

    If your going to fight! Fight hard. Put REAL checks and balance there. Protect citizens from thugs.

    Below is a real conversation I experienced with a LT.
    Him- “Why are we spending so much time patrolling area x when our high crime areas happen at A,B,C?
    If there is no call then there is no crime. No body cares.

    Well I care- x – is a high crime area where law abiding citizens basically give up on police count thier loses because leadership like this key person teach his poisonous mindset.

    If it’s not seen on the paper report its not there.
    This monsters plan is to balance the sheets and never take the blame.

  3. D. Walker '91

    If you’re peacefully riding the train and legally carrying in the open, you can’t be harrassed by law enforcement just because the train driver reports it. Unless there’s suspicion of you committing a crime, they can’t require you to show id or CHL just like they can’t do it if you’re walking down the street of sitting in a restaurant. I’ve never taken a DART train, but this makes me want to just to prove a point.

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  5. Tionico

    Maybe its time for the local olice to put on their Big Boy Pants and simplyb decline to appear to harrass the citizens who obviously pose no threat.

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  8. Festus

    As a CHL holder this makes me want to go board a DART rail every day until this harassment stops. They are looking at this wrong. Police should welcome open carriers as this will help make their job easier. Open your eyes Police and wake up, we are on your side. CHL carriers have had an extensive background check.


    1. Stephen

      I agree this will shut down Dart over night if OTC wanted this to go away put 1 or 2 OTC on every train and busy bus and see what happen during rush hour. The policy will change over night doing this.

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  10. GiveUpTheGuns

    They should be able to stop you – why do you need a gun on a bus or in any other public place? I hope you wipe each other out before your gene pool expands any further.

    1. Irvin Lopez

      Geeze “Give UpTheGuns” People have inalienable rights. Our country was founded on the rights of the American people.


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