Why Your Old Guns Will Always Stay in Fashion?

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The latest model of a certain tactical rifle – with all the needed attachments on it and whatnot – is clearly a perfect addition to your gun collection. Still, it is safe to say that nothing compares with the good old beauties, so to say.

Nowadays, we see mostly guns that scream high-tech, come in a pitch-black color, and are all about functionality and so on. We rarely see someone displaying one of their timeless beauties, be it in a competition or during a gun show-off. However, we could also say that the best AR-15, for example, is very close to being one of those beauties, given its popularity – no wonder it is now known as America’s weapon.

Still, today’s article is going to be all about old guns and why they will always stay in fashion, no matter what the future holds when it comes to the gun industry. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the things that make these guns simply astonishing!

Engineering vs. Allure

Obviously, as mentioned above, today’s guns are both well-made and well-engineered. It goes without saying that, most of the guns we have available today, are able to successfully fix some of the flaws that old guns have.

Naturally, we don’t even have to mention the plethora of attachments that you can add to a single gun. For example, even a simple revolver can now be equipped with an improved sight, a more powerful barrel, scopes, and so on.

On the other hand, we can all agree that nothing can beat the allure of older guns – besides their legacy of service and history. It is safe to say that, when they made guns back in the day, they made them with style.

Nowadays, we have concealed-carry laws and so on – guns are no longer for display. Back then, the gun you carried needed to look good and stylish.

The Movie Industry Gives Them Justice

When we watch a good movie that has guns in it, we might see some old guns there. For example, most movies that depict home invasions will likely have the defender use the famous Parker shotgun instead of any newer, modern models.

Obviously, when it’s time to defend their home, the characters will take the shotgun out of their glass case – and this makes for one of the best reasons why your old guns will always stay in fashion.

Not only that they look amazing, but they are also reliable and you can count on them if something goes wrong. Naturally, they have to be well-maintained and cared for over the years.

Of course, we don’t even have to mention revolvers. While newer models come in black color and with a simplified overall design, the classic revolvers will simply leave you speechless – if you take a look at the Colt Python, for example.

Timeless Beauties

As you may know, the guns manufactured today are mostly kept in a safe or in any other hidden place. The only time you’ll see brand-new models displayed in a case is when you go and buy them from a gun shop.

On the other hand, old and antique guns will be kept in sight. For example, when you go to a gun exposition, convention, or sale, you will most likely head towards the sections that display old guns first.

Even though you may be interested in a new handgun for personal protection, you know you can’t just attend the expo/sale without taking a look at some of your good old favorites – maybe the M1-Garand, or the Sharps 1863 Carbine.

Mark on History

Yet another reason why your old guns will always stay in history is the mark they have left on history. In this respect, we have to mention the Colt Peacemaker, the Luger, the Nambu, and the Walther P38.

The Luger and Walther P38 are known as trophy guns of WWII. The latter has replaced the Luger towards the end of the war. They are known as trophy guns because soldiers would keep them when they returned home.

Obviously, we don’t have to say too much about the Peacemaker – the gun that won the West.

Guns like these keep the popularity of old weapons alive. For example, there are only a few people who would keep a very old computer in their home just for its age – on the other hand, all of us likely want an old gun on display in their living room.

The Best Guns Ever Made

If we are to take a look at what online sources say about old guns, we will find out that most of them are believed to be the best guns ever made. For example, we have the:

  • Winchester Model 70
  • Winchester Model 12
  • Remington Model 1100
  • Smith & Wesson Revolver Model 29
  • Browning Superposed
  • Ruger 10/22
  • Mossberg 500
  • Ruger Mark I
  • Ruger Single-Six

Naturally, the list could go on and on, given the number and models of well-known old guns out there. Therefore, not only that they are fashionable but they are also reliable – as mentioned earlier in this article.

Concluding Remarks

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons why your old guns will always stay in fashion. First of all, we have the aspect and the allure they come with – it’s like having a piece of history in your own hands.

Here we also have to mention the engraved revolvers that you may find on the market, which are certainly a valuable addition to any collection.

Then, we have the fact that they are still reliable today, some of them being considered better than their modern counterparts. We know that there are quite some people out there that would trade a brand-new gun for a classic one in a blink of an eye.

In short, a vintage, old, classic, or antique item will never go out of fashion, no matter what the future holds for us.


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