Bio: Open Carry Texas (OCT) is an organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitution and applicable laws. Our purpose is to 1) educate all Texans about their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in a safe manner; 2) to condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens that choose to carry them; 3) encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation for all firearms, especially pistols; and (4) foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters.

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  1. Mark Bruscke

    For whatever use you may be able to make of it, I offer you the following anecdotes. Bear in mind the context: NJ; arguably the most restrictive carry State. You could live an entire lifetime in NJ without seeing anyone open-carrying on the street who is not a uniformed police officer.
    1). Duncan Donuts: Standing in line in a DD in my (former) town, I noticed a lady in line with me waiting for service. Nothing particularly noteworthy about her: street cloths; 30/40-years old; short hair; . . . , six-shooter on her hip. The DD is filled with high-school students getting their morning jolt before going to the nearby Catholic girl’s school. Nobody is the least bit interested in the lady in line; no more interested in her than me or any other adult customer. After a few days of observing her I asked: Are you a cop?. She answered, Yes. I remarked: You’re not in uniform. She replied: I’m a detective.
    2). Court House: I was standing in line at the fine-payment window of a NJ court house. A young lady in front of me was transacting her business with a Glock on her hip. Her clothing was somewhat ambiguous; might have been a casual uniform; or, just as easily, street cloths. I asked her: Are you a cop? She responded: No. I remarked it was unusual that she was carrying a gun. She said: It’s for my job. I thought about it while waiting. When it was my turn to be served (the young lady had left) I asked the court clerk if the previous “customer” was an armed courier; the clerk replied that yes, she was.
    If you were to pick a place where citizens might be alarmed by the appearance of a civilian bearing arms, it would be hard to suggest a better candidate than NJ. (Even in NYC we are accustomed to seeing uniformed armed couriers.) A coffee shop near a high school is arguably a sensitive place; and indisputably, a court house is a sensitive place. Nevertheless, I didn’t notice any alarm or anxiety. New Jersey’ans seem to respond as one would expect living in the land of the Sopranos. (These people with guns are our neighbors.)


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